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Phyllis Cullen photo

Phyllis Cullen is an artist who teaches all aspects of art quilting worldwide. Her work appears in museums, galleries, international exhibitions and shows travelling around the globe. She is a regional representative for Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) for the Hawaii region and a WonderFil-featured teacher. Phyllis is also a retired physician with extensive experience volunteering in developing countries. She loves to travel, meet new people, tap dance, play with beads, clay and paints, and encourage her granddaughters in the joys of creating art and playing with crafts.

Phyllis’s website: www.phylliscullenartstudio.com

Cindy Richard photo

Cindy Richard is an artist, teacher, and mentor of quilt art. Her work has been exhibited internationally, as well as in the US and Israel, where she lives. Cindy is the Israeli retailer for Handi Quilter and enjoys longarm quilting. She loves to travel and photograph people and places for her work. Her favorite subjects are her family members. Cindy is a technical writer by profession.

Cindy’s website: www.cindyrquilts.com

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