Advanced Quilted Portraits Course

We are excited to share our new course with you. If you have prior experience in quilting portraits or have taken our first class this advanced class is for you. (If you have not created a portrait collage yet, then you probably want to join our 5-session Portrait class first.)

In 4 sessions this advanced class will cover:

  • Using Photoshop Elements to create patterns for all ages and types of subjects, including babies, and full bodies, nude or clothed.
  • Reference Photos: What makes a good photo and how do you take it?
  • Portrait Composition, including facial expressions, body language
  • Creating clothing with depth and dimension for your portrait subject

Of course, every class will be filled with tons of great information and will be based on our newly published book, More Than Just a Pretty Face: Quilted Portraits, Figures and More, which is now available on

All classes are recorded in case you miss a class, or want to refer back.

The cost for the class will be $225.

For more information or to register for a course, contact us

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