Quilted Animal Fabric Portraits Course

Want to learn to “paint” an animal portrait using bits and pieces of printed fabrics? There are lots of designs to choose from and the results are wild, whimsical, yet totally believable. When you are done, you cover it with tulle, and quilt it.

This is an online, personalized, interactive, 2-session course of 5 hours delivered via Zoom, which will allow real-time, virtual interaction with teachers.

No drawing skill is needed, but expect to learn about values, contrast, lines, and eyes.

You will learn a new way of looking at fabric! There will be homework between the two sessions, which will include personal interaction with the teachers via email.

Instruction and practice on the use of Adobe® Photoshop® Elements is included in the course.

Recordings will be available following each class in case students can’t attend live, though we really prefer interacting live. Seeing what others’ are doing is very useful. Being able to review the material can be helpful, as well.

Full handout and supply list will be emailed to registered participants well in advance of the course, as well as a pattern of your choice.

The supply list consists of collecting bits of multi-colored fabrics arranged according to value. You can use your own stash or order a jelly roll from Kaufman or Free Spirit. One jelly roll will be all you need for your central figure.

The cost for 5 hours of live zoom interaction and unlimited one-on-one communication between classes, is $110 USD, payable via Paypal.

We are very excited to bring you on our journey!

For more information or to register for a course, contact us.

Can You Hear Me Now quilt

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